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RULEZ, updated 2.1.2022
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This all should be patently obvious, but apparently some of you need clarification.

Stalking includes doxxing, impersonation, attempts to gather information et cetera or threats. Don't bore me with what if's. You know what I mean. That includes pictures. If I need to edit it out, trust me, there is a reason.

Porn. Shriveled up prudes at somewhere else aside, you know it when you see it. Occasional boobage and Max's lad mag girlie posts don't count. Don't fuck with me on this. Literally.

Nothing illegal. Don't be stupid. First of all, I will delete your ass, your thread and hopefully any memory of you. Keep it up, and I will point .gov in your direction.

No hate speech. That means speech directed against people based on their race, religion and so on. Argue all your want about someone's actions; but hate speech because of how/where someone was born will not be tolerated.

This isn't the UBs of 2001. CE is dead. Posts here "disappear" after 90 days; but, as we know, nothing ever really disappears on the intertubes. UBs has an open registration policy and socks abound. I've seen you guys have multiple conversations amongst all your socks, and at times it is not only funnay but more than a little disturbing. However, it is 2021. Keep that in mind. I won't hesitate a second to clamp down and require registration and confirmations with a real email address. And if that drops the forum numbers to a membership of one, well BFD. Hey, I'm not d'Enise. I don't want to know you IRL. So, rules. Follow them.

Edited to add:

Updated to January 2021

Offenders will get three warnings: verbal, twenty four hours muted, then seventy two hours muted. After that, kicked out. I really am pretty reasonable about these things, but seriously, guys, this is not the time to be pulling anybody's strings.

And knock your racist shit off. Right the fuck now.

Additional update: for whatever reason, I am not getting password reset requests. If you are having tech issues, email me at jefiner1 at geemail dot com.

Update 11.1.2020 I have opened registration since a lot of people are getting booted from other platforms. This may mean a few bots get in, but I will do my best to keep the aisles clean.

Update 12.5.2020 Closing registration for the time being due to the GF shitstorm. If anyone wants in, email me at the geeeemail address above.

Also, be nice to the poodle if she has to clean up a post. She is doing it gratis, and I appreciate the help. Abusing her in respect to her moderation activities will get your ass kicked out of the forum.

Update 2.1.2022

New rule:

DO NOT ABUSE THE MODERATOR. And don't split hairs with me. Y'all know what I mean. You can call me all the names you want, but Poodles works for free, and does a damn fine job of putting up with the bullshit. So, don't go there.

Thanks in advance.

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