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Fucking energy efficient modern refridgerators!
What Can Go Wrong
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Old fridge took a shit. OK.....go buy a new one. Picked one out with the ice cube, water, crushed ice feature in the door. OK....they deliver it. We wait and wait and wait....well maybe tomorrow for some fucking ice. FINALLY on the second day we got some ice out of it. Whoohooo......good to go. Well hold on. About two cocktail glasses worth and it ran out. Ummmm we thought. Must be malfunctioning. So we read the manual and lo a behold it says that the god damn piece of shit will only make 2 to 2.5 lbs of ice per 24 hour period. What the hell is that all about??? How can two alcoholics heavy drinkers er people who like ice in their drinks live with that crap? First the gumment fucks up gas cans and now refridgerators.

Obama Sucks!
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Do it for the children! Won't someone please think of the children?!?!

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Tard Princess
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we had one like that years ago. they suc. It leaked, and you had to wait forever for the damn ice. was so glad when it went bye byes. We get the ones with the icemaker inside. We also like the ones with the freezer on the bottom

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How Lardassian!

You make a bad choice and blame the Government. Perfect!

Shinmen, Breezy, I still don't quite understand why you failed to answer the desperate calls for help from your Flag Waving friends in Oregon?
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I actually prefer a countertop ice maker. It is efficient, fast and I can take it in the RV if I want. Additionally, I use filtered water straight out of the Berkey to fill it up. The ice out of the fridge always tasted weird, despite changing the filter. There really is no way to sanitize the thing or clean it, unlike the little one. You can pick them up for under a hundred bucks at Target/WalMart/Sams etc.


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What Can Go Wrong
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The FEDS have required the so called "energy efficient" ice makers for many years now. Our old one was not much better. I talked to the sales guy who said everybody is complaining. However there is one alternative and we are going with it. We ordered up a second ice maker to be installed in the lower freezer. This will be an "after market" kind that sneaks under the new rules. It is supposed to work like the old ones. So fucking what I will have to pay an extra $20 per year on my electric bill.

Obama Sucks!
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I have a sundanzer chest freezer.
It runs off 2 small solar panels, and hasn't missed a beat in 20 years. I keep it around 15F in an unheated shed.
I double distill water and freeze, and use the ice to cool a home made super-insulated ice box as a backup refrigerator next to the freezer.

Simple, efficient, off-grid, and cost free after setup.
~and no floaties in your ice cubes/drinks~

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On top of the shit-tier ice production, my Samsung started breaking off chunks of plastic mesh from inside of the ice maker and depositing that into cocktails, so that was fun. Replaced under warranty, but replacement part is identical so I figure it will last about 10 months like the original.
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