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Re: Trump

Nancy Pelosi said:
"If his judges decide that Congress has no oversight over the president of the United States, and that the administration does not have to respond to subpoenas, the system of checks and balances is over," Pelosi said. "I have a responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution."

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That whole blurb should be in bold, not just the last sentence.

There is so much wrong with it.

So, the independent judiciary, which is an equal branch of government same as the executive and legislative, determines the House is overstepping its Article I powers, the Constitution is in jeopardy? Congress has oversight over the departments of the executive branch, not the president directly. That would contradict the checks and balances principle and defeat the notion entirely. Nancy also forgets the House is not the of all and end all in the legislative branch. Ahem.......the Senate.

Insane people truly don't recognize they are insane.

Come sweet Boogaloo.


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