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Life on the Spectrum
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KH: Tami (x) just informed me No more than 25 minutes ago that when DD talks to her BOYFRIEND she refers to her mom and I as assburgers ..."assburgers?" I asked, thinking I misunderstood. "Yes assburgers!" She replied. "Are you certain she wasn't just talking about you?" I asked her, thinking I was far to cool a dad for that kind of slander! She then read to me a little note that DD had written to her soon to be deceased little boyfriend. It said, " my mom and dad are such a couple of assburgers" Jemima...what's an assburger? When did I become one? And how in the Fuck did this happen?? I can only hope that she is just really bad at her handwriting and it really says awesome astounding or mom and dad are so into astrology (im not but I will be If it means I'm not an assburger). I bet that's what she was trying to say! Astrology! Yup, I will learn her how to spell that word properly as soon as she gets here this evening. She should pay real close attention to her horoscope from now on!!

Cindy: Hahahaha!!! Honey, if all you are ever known as is an assburger to your kids, consider yourself one of the few and lucky lol! Honestly, thats not too bad considering lol!! Love ya.....assburger just means your cool in the new age slang!

Cindy: Youre an assburger! See!!! Thats not so badWink

KH: Grrrrrrrr!!

KH: You keep telling yourself that Cindy! But an assburger is an assburger. I don't know exactly what it means but I've got a pretty decent imagination and nothing about it makes me "imagine" new age cool! However I must give her an A++ for originality! Its a fantastic insult as it took me completely off guard and rattled me to my very core leaving me silent and feeling betrayed by the sweetest girl in my whole life...its going to be a looooong weekend filled with tons of labor intensive chores and exercise...rewarded with some kind of nasty looking imatation BBQ assburgers for dinner! Yum yum yum

Cindy: Whats so bad about an assburger? It has burger in it, so it cant be that bad lol!!!

Cindy: I actually think i will start using it! Lol

Brian: They grow up so FAST..

KH: Too fast

Cole: I think she is calling you guys 'developmentally disabled: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asperger_syndrome

KH: By golly I think you are right! I can live with that! I had a completely different mental picture of it hahaha.

Haha lmao
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