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Here's how you fuck up a franchise with your degenerate agenda...

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Those gay Jewish bastards in Hollywood have to desecrate all that's good and right with the world, don't they?!?

Yvonne Craig will always be the ONLY worthy Batgirl/woman to wear the Bat suit.

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Lesbian shoes are a dead giveaway.
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Bat Dyke, Bat Butch, or Ambiguous Bat Person (so everyone's happy). Someone needs to add a cripple bastard in there to round out "equality".

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Here's how you fuck up a franchise with your degenerate agenda...

It's called normalizing, a necessary factor of cultural engineering by the Marxists, It works very well, just look at all the crap that is accepted now.

You watch this shit propaganda, and things enter your mind. Consciously you think you can pick and choose, but that isn't the reality of it, rather a whole hell of a lot enters in, and continues to reside in your subconscious, simply because you inputted it through your senses. This does have an effect on your conscious thinking, decision making.

The people who create this shit know these things, at least the upper echelons do, and your denials are quite irrelevant to the desired effect.

This is one way cultural engineering takes place, changing how you view the world, changing the decisions you arrive at, without you being aware of it.

Do you even give a shit, or do you like that collar you wear, that you begged to be placed upon you by your insistence on being ignorant.


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Coming to a theater near you in 2019:

"In a world gone mad, one *thing* emerges from the chaos"

"One *thing* to lead us"

"One *thing* to save us"

"One *thing* to confuse the everlovin' shit out of us"


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Comic book movies suck and have always been crypto S&M faggotry.


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