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You learn something every day

We had some tree maintenance done yesterday morning. There were some dead branches and lots of mistletoe, which involved climbing, so we hired a local pro for the job. And what a wonderful job he did!

When he finished we had to rake up every bit of the toxic mistletoe and move it away from the horses to a place where we could burn it.

We only have 2 weeks left before permitted burning ends. It keeps raining or snowing so we were anxious about having enough time to get it burned, along with other plant debris.

A while ago I walked past one of the monitors and saw all these eyes and I'm like WTF!!?? There were 8-10 deer out there chowing down and fighting over the pile of mistletoe.


It's high in protein, nontoxic to deer, and they LOVE it!

One less pile to burn. 1dance1


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Nice. And they're food. Even better.


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Please, please no picture's.

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I wonder if they made out?

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